Where To Splurge & Where To Save Your Interior Design Budget

Updated: Sep 3

The best way to prevent the cost of your interior renovation spiraling out of control, is to set a budget from the very beginning. Let’s say you have £20,000 to spend on your fabulous new living room…break that down into what you’re going to spend on each item, ie. £1500 on flooring, £3000 on a sofa. This not only gives you figures to work with when sourcing items, it also gives you an indication as to whether your plans are feasible, early in the process.

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You want quality items that are going to stand the test of time, but it is just not within budget to splurge on every piece. So, you are sat in front of your spreadsheet trying to decide where to hold back? The key to feeling that quality whist achieving great value for money overall, is to spend on the touch points – the items that you literally touch every time you use the space. A timber floor would be a great example of this, you’re continually walking on it and unlikely to change it within the next decade, so it needs to last! If you’re anything like me and change the rooms colour scheme every year, you might choose to save on the rug because it’s a less permanent fixture.

Touchpoints that people often overlook include door handles and light switches…trust me there is an enormous difference in the look and feel of a £5 light switch and a £35 light switch! The thing to consider here is whether your budget will allow you to change all the light switches in the house because yes, they do need to match! In bathrooms and kitchens think about the taps and cupboard door handles.

If you’re working to a tight budget, consider spending on statement pieces which are really going to finish off the space. A mirror or piece of artwork to add interest to a simple painted wall; a feature pendant or wall light that casts a gorgeous warm glow over the room; an accent chair that compliments or contrasts your existing sofa. Reupholstering an existing sofa is also a great money saving option. Modern upholstery techniques can completely change the look (including the shape!) of an outdated suite.

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