Shopping For A Dark Dining Room

Updated: May 21

No matter how many crisp white interior images I pin on Pinterest, when it comes to my own house, I go dark every time! I just love deep, rich wall colours like Yorktowne Green by Benjamin Moore (above). As you can see from the render, colours can change throughout the day. That's why I always recommend painting your tester pot on to a piece of paper, and moving it around the room, to make sure you like it from all angles.

Despite having two windows, this a dark north facing room with poor natural light. I say embrace it! Don't be tempted to paint it all white in an attempt to brighten it (that's a whole other blog post for another day!) Steer into the moody vibes, be brave and I guarantee the result will be a sophisticated, stylish space.

Images via Pinterest

To prevent the space feeling gloomy, I recommend adding splashes of colour to the scheme through the furniture and textiles. In the render we've gone for a crimson red, to compliment the warm wood tones of the existing mid century furniture.

When it comes to furniture selection, I find 3d modelling the space a really useful tool, as it allows me to visualise the pieces together before making any regrettable purchases! Below is a guide to the furniture and accessories which complete this dark dining room look, click an image to shop the product...

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