Potting Your Propagated Plants

Updated: Jun 4

Hey guys!

Following on from last weeks video, How To Create A Living Wall, today I'm going to talk you through the process of planting the cuttings which sprouted roots inside the test tubes.

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I used pots that I had lying around the house (from my previous life as a killer of all things green!), but I've put together a selection of the best plant pots available right now, here.

I've filled them with multipurpose compost and created a crater, in which to place the plant. You can do this with a pencil if you've just had a manicure - clearly I haven't (thank you lockdown!), but it is an important step, as water grown roots can be more fragile, and may be damaged if just pushed into the soil.

If you have some plant hormone powder, you can dip the roots in before planting. Here, I've used liquid seaweed in a pipette, which is a plant growth stimulant. Then all that's left to do is tuck in the roots, give the plant a little water, and voilà! You've created a new plant for your home using only a cutting. Now all you need to worry about is how many pots you're going to need!

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Don't forget to check out our plant pot shopping list, and tag us in photos of your propagation successes on instagram @daniellelancasterinteriors

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