Most Searched For Interior Colour Schemes & How To Pull Them Off

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

This week we’ve been working on a fabulous yellow (and neutral) bedroom scheme. While some might say this colour is overly stimulating for a bedroom, our client absolutely loves colour and associates yellow will happiness, optimism and confidence. I can’t think of any better vibes to get from the space you wake up in! Colours can conjure different emotions for all of us, triggered by memories and associations. Using colours in your interiors that make you feel joy, is one step towards creating a happy home!

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This got us wondering what the most commonly searched colour schemes are, and it turns out yellow in one of them! So we’ve put together a guide on how to pull off these tones in your home…

Yellow Interior Design

Ideal rooms to use yellow in - brighten a dark hallway or create a sunny breakfast room

Colours to pair yellow with - Blue, Green, Grey and Soft neutrals (off whites)

Copper Interior Design

Ideal rooms to use copper in - kitchens, bathrooms and on hardware around the home

Colours to pair copper with - as opposites on the colour wheel copper is really set off by green!

Grey Interior Design Ideas

My regular followers will already know how I feel about grey…it’s out! The wishy washy cool tones that is. Deep dark moody grey such as Farrow & Ball Off Black I can absolutely get on board with, in fact I have it all over my own house! And warm greys like Farrow & Ball Elephant’s breath which have a pinky tone are super in right now!

Ideal rooms to use grey in - all of them! It's such a versatile colour which can change depending on the light, so always try a tester pot!

Colours to pair grey with - this depends on the tone you go for...we love warm greys with soft pinks and terracottas, as well as monochrome schemes

What colour is taupe? (Apparently a commonly googled term?!)

Taupe is a neutral, falling between grey and brown on the colour spectrum. More grey than beige, which leans closer to brown. Confused yet?! Like grey, it can come with warm and cool undertones, making it just as versatile. Again, opt for a taupe with a pinky undertone to create a soft, warm look.

Ideal rooms to use taupe in - all of them! It's such a versatile colour which can change depending on the light, so always try a tester pot!

Colours to pair taupe with - other neutrals, wood tones and peachy pink

What colour gives you that warm and lovely feeling? And are you brave enough to use it in your home?! For advice book a free consultation!

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