Materials You Should Be Incorporating Into Your Interior Design

Some for their sustainable qualities and some all-time favourites we just can't get enough of!


Coming out of the shadows of sub-flooring and insulation to feature on walls, floors and furniture, thanks to its warm hue and natural texture


  • Cork has thermal regulating and sound proofing qualities, as well as being naturally fire resistant

  • Its resilience to pressure ensures long lasting durability

  • Its anti-microbial and anti-static properties make it an ideal material for allergy sufferers

  • Cork can be dyed and painted, adding to its versatility!

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Not only suitable for industrial interiors, when balanced with warm timbers and luxe fabrics, concrete is ideal for creating statement pieces in any luxury scheme


  • Hard wearing and low maintenance

  • Can be used in a variety of design styles due to its texture when left raw or its ability to be highly polished

  • Versatile in it use for floors, countertops, fireplaces and lighting


Use as an alternative to wood - even on floors!


  • Faster growing and therefore more sustainable than timber

  • Strong, durable and a good thermal insulator

  • Highly decorative in its natural form


Move over marble...terrazzo has been around for a while but we're seeing it more and more as an alternative for countertops, flooring and wall's also one of my all time faves! Take a look where we've used it...


  • Tends to be environmentally friendly as the chips in this man-made material are recycled

  • Engineered to withstand years of use

  • Endless colour and pattern options


Formed in the root system of fungi!


  • Sequesters carbon, is naturally fire retardant and has good insulation and acoustic performance

  • Can be grown in moulds to create products such as lamps

  • Can be processed into a leather like material

We love the opportunity to think outside the box when it comes to material selection, and are always striving to learn about new products and their application. To find out how we can help with material selection on your renovation project, book a free consultation now!

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