How To Style Your Open Kitchen Shelving Like A Designer

Since we banished the wall units, open shelving has become a popular solution for that extra bit of kitchen storage. Whilst it's a practical place to keep your tableware, being totally on view means it also has to be well styled.

Left to right: @rebecca.wakefield, @studiomcgee, via Pinterest

  • Adding plants to your kitchen shelves is always a good idea. They help to soften a space which is made up of hard surfaces, aid noise control and filter the air!

  • Keep your colour palette simple to avoid the shelves looking fussy. If your monochrome look is feeling stark, add timber for warmth.

  • Vary the height of objects to create interest. Displaying small decorative items on top of stacked recipe books prevents them from looking lost.

  • Have fun with it! Your home should be a reflection of you, so display pieces that make you smile.

Below we've compiled a wish list of items ideal for kitchen shelf styling!

Check out our Prestwich Village project to see how we've warmed up a palette of monochrome accessories with hints of terracotta...

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