How To Make A Bed Like A Pro!

Updated: Sep 3

The key to a luxurious, welcoming bed is layering...Five of them to be exact, and that's before we get to the cushions! Think beyond the matching duvet and pillow set, and try an eclectic mix of textures, within a set colour palette. Choose all neutrals for example and the look will still be cohesive, without being matchy matchy (I promise!)

My go to for bedding is French linen because of its natural, casual appearance (I do not like ironing!) and temperature regulating qualities. The items pictured below are from Zara Home, Soak & Sleep and Secret Linen Store

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The Layers

  1. Fitted Sheet

  2. Flat Sheet - the large hem goes at the top (leave a gap between the top of the sheet and the bed head) and tuck the end of the sheet under the mattress.

  3. Quilt (not to be confused with the duvet) - tuck under the mattress at the bottom and around the sides (use hospital corners if you can), then fold over at the top, along with the flat sheet (image 4).

  4. Duvet & Pillows - there's no need to tuck the duvet, unless the bed frame stops it from draping (as mine does here!) Double fold the top for that extra comfy appearance. The number of pillows is very much personal preference, I've gone for two in this look because the headboard already has a pair attached. I've used super king pillows (on a king size bed) to ensure fullness. I like oxford pillowcases for the extra hotel feel!

  5. Blanket & Throw Cushions - I've added the blanket length ways just below the fold of the duvet, but you could go for a more draped look, particularly if your bed frame doesn't have an 'end'. Then there's the big question about throw cushions - how many to use?! I will probably add two more to this bed to make it feel complete - but my husband hates them so they'll appear slowly!

  6. Lastly, if you're the 'hostess with the mostest' you may want to add a breakfast tray for your guests...with a small vase of flowers, maybe some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne...

For this look I chose a patterned quilt and throw cushion to break up the solids, and a chenille blanket with fringing for texture. I've gone for varying shades of natural and white to avoid the matchy matchy look you get from bedding sets.

There are many ways to style a bed, but if you keep in mind layers, textures and have fun with it, you can't go wrong!

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