How To Curate A Cohesive Gallery Wall

In short…Have at least one common theme. This could be the frame, the artwork type or the colour scheme.


For this staircase gallery we’ve used the same thin black metal frame in several sizes to create variety. The artwork is mostly illustrations, with a bit of typography and photography thrown in for contrast. We’ve also used a colour scheme which compliments the décor, picking out the blue and yellow tones from the flooring. If the room already features prominent colours, it’s best to work with these in the artwork, rather than fight against them.

When it comes to the layout, staggered is best for staircases, working with the incline of the space. I personally allow 80mm between frames to allow each piece of art its space to shine!

Gallery Walls With Mismatched Frames

If you’re more of a ‘collect frames as you go’ person, use the same artwork type throughout the gallery to create cohesion this way. An example of this which is always stunning, is odd vintage frames with black and white photographs.

Images via Pinterest

Gallery Walls With A Colour Scheme

Lastly, you might be creating your gallery wall using existing frames and artwork, which don’t fit into either category we’ve discussed so far! In this case, work with a colour scheme that compliments your room. For arguments sake, let’s say your décor is neutral with black furniture, and you’d like to add some warmth with the artwork. If we choose a rusty red as the accent colour, we can also bring in burnt oranges and soft corals which work together tonally, alongside the monochromes.

Prefer the easy life?! The Poster Club have curated art walls available to purchase on their website!

Need help with a layout for your existing artwork, or sourcing prints which work as a gallery? Book a free consultation today to find out how we can help, or an at home styling session if you’ve already got the hammer out!

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