How To Choose A Kitchen Sink

You may not have considered the sink, one of the major decisions to make as part of your kitchen renovation, it’s there for utility purposes just like the dishwasher after all. However, there are now so many styles to choose from, and the sink can have a big impact of the look of your kitchen (not to mention the practicality!). So we’ve put together a check list of considerations to help you find the perfect sink…

  • What style is the kitchen you’ve chosen? Contemporary, traditional, rustic? While you might love farmhouse sinks, if your kitchen is sleek and minimal, they just aren’t going to work together!

  • Are you on a limited budget? If so, top mounted might be the way to go. Not only are the sinks themselves affordable, no special skills are required for installation.

  • Do you want the sink to stand out and be a feature or disappear into the worktop? If you’ve already got a lot of colour and tiling going on, a minimal sink may be better to avoid an overly busy kitchen (unless you’re going for a maximalist look!)

  • How many sinks do you need? The size of your family will probably be a factor here. Or if you find there are often plates piled up in the main bowl, a second half bowl might be useful so you can still wash your hands.

  • Do you need a draining board as part of your sink? Would you be happy with drainer groove in the worktop? Or do put everything in the dishwasher, eliminating the need for a drainer at all?

Now you’ve got a better idea of what you’re looking for, here are the different sink types available and how they fit into our checklist…


  • Generally contemporary but that’s not to say you couldn’t pair one with traditional brassware.

  • They’re made by a fabricator from the same material as the worktop, so are the most expensive sink option. For this same reason, you couldn’t have an integrated sink with a wooden or laminate worktop, but they look fabulous in marble!

  • As a custom option, you can have as many sinks as you have room for!

  • Drainer grooves work well with an integrated sink as they too are part of the worktop.

Undermount or Inset

  • The most versatile when it comes to style and will work with most kitchens.

  • Available at various price points but are generally more expensive than an overmount sink. You will also want a professional to cut the sink hole in your worktop, as the edge will be fully visible.

  • An undermount sink the same colour as your worktop will provide a minimal look (at a more affordable price that the integrated!) But if you’re wanting to make a statement, we love this brass option!

  • Available in single, 1.5 or double bowl options.

  • Limited options are available which include drainer boards, so to increase your choice opt for drainer grooves.

Farmhouse, Butler or Belfast

  • Work best with farmhouse, rustic, country and traditional kitchens

  • Price wise they’re on a par with the undermount. You might want to use the cut out from the worktop to sit underneath the sink.

  • Generally statement sinks, they can also be deeper than other options so are a practical choice (as well as a stylish one!)

  • Available in single, 1.5 or double bowl options.

  • Opt for drainer grooves in your worktop if required.

Overmount, Top Mounted or Drop-In

  • Not suitable for a high-end ultra-sleek kitchen, but otherwise very versatile.

  • The most budget friendly sink available!

  • A contrasting colour could be used to make a statement.

  • Available in single, 1.5 or double bowl options.

  • The best option if you want to include a drainer board.

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