How To Balance Living & Working From Home

Updated: Sep 3

Many of our clients are looking at ways to incorporate work space into their homes, by adding desks to dressing rooms, landings and even foregoing guest bedrooms to create their ideal home office. This has got us thinking about how to create hybrid work/living spaces which aesthetically flow with the rest of the home, but also work practically as an office...

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Over the last 18 months our dining tables have become desks, and work has seeped into our personal space (and time!) But with Monday – Friday office working looking like a thing of the past, it’s time we achieved the perfect work life balance within our homes.

Dining Room Furniture With Form & Function!

If you can’t shut the door on work at the end of the day, at least you can close your laptop and put it away, even if you’re working at the dining table...

For many of us there has been a battle between style and comfort when it comes to the ergonomic task chair. These alternatives bridge the gap between dining and office, so you aren’t swapping the seating over at dinner time.

Create Boundaries

Have your lunch in another room to give yourself a real break from the workspace. If you’re working in your bedroom, use a room divider to separate the two functions of the space. The last thing you want to be looking at when trying to get to sleep is your desk!

Introduce Planting

House plants are great for purifying the air, particularly important if the absence of a commute means that you’re stuck inside all day. They also have a positive impact on mental health – win win!

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