How To Achieve Hotel Luxe At Home

Updated: Sep 3

We are receiving a high demand for dressing rooms and hotel-esque bedrooms at the moment. Are we all missing travel so much, that we’re looking to create that luxury retreat at home? Where better to build a sanctuary to escape to, than your bedroom?!

Luxury will mean something to different to each of us, for some it might be marble floors, for me it’s a level of service and bed sheets that make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud! Unfortunately, I can’t replicate the room service at home, but my cashmere mattress and linen sheets are doing a pretty good job!

Our bedrooms are a refuge, one place that is truly ours (unlike a hotel room!), so it should be a complete reflection of you! Choose a colour palette that suits your design style…luxury doesn’t have to mean white!

If you’re fortunate enough to have a spacious master suite, plan zones according to activity before buying your furniture. You may wish to incorporate areas for reading, making coffee and grooming, as well as sleeping! However, an entire suite is not essential to achieving the hotel aesthetic…incorporating these elements into any bedroom will give you the feeling of a five star night’s sleep:

A Statement Bed

We’re loving extra wide upholstered headboards right now! Be bold with a feature print, or the schemes most dominant shade.

Built-in Wardrobes

Hotel wardrobes are almost always fitted, because they offer the best use of space for maximum storage. You can be creative with door fronts and handles, or in a small room use mirrors to create the illusion of space.

A Curtain Wall

So you can sleep in darkness no matter the time of day. Opt for floor to ceiling curtains which fill the wall when drawn. We love linens and velvets in the same colour as the walls.


Use dimmer switches on everything! Both sides of the bed should have a reading light which can be individually controlled, and a closet light which comes on automatically when the door opens would be a real bonus!

Bed linen

Layering is key…Check out our post ‘How To Make A Bed Like A Pro’

My personal preference is for French linen because of its casual appearance and temperature regulating qualities, but Egyptian cotton is great too. For the hotel look always go white! Colour can be introduced in the throw cushions and blankets.

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