How Interior Design Can Increase Your Return On Investment

Updated: Sep 3

One of the projects we are currently working on is a commercial to residential development, on behalf of a property investor. This client shares our mindset that homes should be a joy to live in, whether you own or rent the property. That is why they brought us on board from day one, to carry out a feasibility study for how the property could be converted, from an empty retail unit into one bedroom apartments.

Danielle Lancaster Interiors, Property Development Manchester

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Danielle Lancaster Interiors, Property Development Manchester

A common design route taken by developers is to hire an interior designer at the end of the process, to dress the space for viewing. However, considering the internal layout early on ensures that costly mistakes aren't made during the build. It could be as simple as adjusting a wall to accommodate a double bed rather than a single, or altering a window size to allow for an extractor fan in the kitchen. These things take moments to change on a plan, but potentially weeks once already built!

Danielle Lancaster Interiors, Interior Space Planning Manchester

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We are about one week away from submitting the planning application and starting the fun bit, which for us is interior look and feel. We'll keep you up to date with the progress! (Make sure to factor planning time into your budget - there is currently a 16 week lead time with this particular council, meaning four months of business rates and utility bills to pay, while no work is being carried out!)

HMO Design (House of Multiple Occupancy)

Another project we have in the works is for a landlord, converting a three storey house into a HMO targeting professional tenants. Our brief here was to use cost effective finishes to create a striking result. In this scenario paint is always going to be your friend!

Danielle Lancaster Interiors, HMO Design Manchester

We have specified lime paint to bring a soft texture to the walls, which compliments the existing exposed brickwork. Neutral or monochrome palettes work well for rental properties as they appeal to a large proportion of the market, as well as allowing tenants to introduce their own accessories.

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