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Desenio Prints Review | See What I Bought!

Updated: Aug 1

N.B. I am in no way affiliated with Desenio, the opinions in this post are entirely my own.

The Pros Of Shopping With Desenio...

Their wall art is very reasonably priced!

If you're anything like me, the rooms in your home are constantly evolving. And whilst it's the dream to have original artworks hanging on the wall, this suits neither my interior design budget nor my ever changing colour schemes. This is where Desenio comes in...with posters starting at £4.95, you can change your wall art with each new design idea!

The website is easy to navigate - a big one in my book!

When it comes to online shopping, for me, the decision to purchase starts with the website. If it's outdated and things are difficult to find, they've lost me immediately! This was not the case with Desenio - you can filter prints by theme, colour, size and orientation, great if you already have the frame.

Delivery is free over £29.

This may persuade you to buy 6 prints at £4.95! I'd been checking out designs on the site for a few weeks, but waited until I knew the direction I was taking in a couple of rooms, so I could purchase them all at once and qualify for free delivery, without any impulse buys - this can be an issue for me with homeware!

So What Did I Buy...

In total, six prints (in three different sizes) and four frames.

I'd recently re-watched the Gossip Girl series during lockdown, which is what made me buy the Prada poster!

Everything was well packaged - in fact, I'm a fan of the monochrome branded packaging, which felt of real quality. It gave me that excitement in opening, like an iPhone box! The larger prints faired better in the tubes, but the smaller ones only had minor creasing on the edges, and it isn't visible now they're in frames. The paper quality is decent and thick enough not to be see through, but do remember that these are printed out posters so there is no texture.

For the frames I ordered the black metal, because they match the mirror in my hallway. I'd expected them to be glass (because I hadn't read the description) but they are acrylic, similar to what Ikea are now using in their frames. Whilst I'm a fan of this being shatter proof, I'm not entirely convinced that it doesn't cheapen the look! Overall though, I'm pleased with the frames - I actually like that the metal clips which hold the backing on, swivel (or pop out depending on the frame size) rather than you having to prize back tabs with your nail - but they are around twice the price of Ikea's frames, and don't come with a mount included. Where I've used wooden frames in the bedroom, I did go to Ikea.

Affiliate Disclaimer

To sum up, I'd definitely recommend Desenio for their prints, and will be using them again myself. The gallery wall section on their website is also worth checking out for inspiration on prints that work well together.

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