Conservatory & Orangery Interior Design Ideas

Updated: Sep 3

A recent client project and the arrival of this glorious weather has got us inspired to bring the outside into our homes, and our designs!

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We're in love with this green and coral colour palette used for our clients conservatory update. We often find homeowners are happy to be a little braver in these rooms because of the reduced wall space and expanse of windows. If you've always been intrigued but a little fearful of doing a contrasting scheme, try it out in a conservatory, (downstairs loo or spare bedroom). Here are our top tips for successful conservatory and orangery interiors:

Create A Connection With The Outside Space

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A great way to achieve this is to continue your flooring outside. Many tiles ranges offer an indoor and outdoor version of the same pattern. When the doors are open a seamless extension of the living space is created, as the eye travels across the floor. To maximise on this you could also continue the interior concept into the garden furniture.

Filling the room with plants in similar shades to those in your garden would also help to create the connection!

Use Open Furniture Styles

By this I mean pieces on legs rather than solid bases, and materials such as glass, cane and rattan. These allow uninterrupted views, and light to flow from the outside space, into the house. This particularly useful if your conservatory's interior doors lead into another living space, as the light will filter through.

Arrange Furniture Socially

If you don’t have any solid walls, armchairs often work better than sofas, as they create less of a barrier in front of windows. Use foot stools, ottomans and floor cushions to provide additional seating.

Opt For Hard Flooring With An Area Rug

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Given their connection to the garden, conservatories and orangeries are often high traffic spaces. A hard floor will allow ease of cleaning while an area rug will add softness to the space. Each of the three rugs recommended above are suitable for high traffic or washable!

Need more advice on designing interiors which connect with the outdoors? Book a free consultation to discuss how we can help!

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